Xerox at Calcutta University Campuss

Xerox at Calcutta University – RajaBazar Campus, 92 APC Bose Road, Kolkata

This is not a story its reality and you can experience any time. Just need to visit the above address. Enter into Main gate of RajaBazar science college and ask for anyone MegNath Saha Building. Go to 3rd floor . You can use lift. Once u come out of lift turn left you can see University Xerox Center well maintained(This is good not bad).

You can see 2 staff(Each staff salary more tha INR 25K ) seat in very serious mode. I ask them for xerox of my mark sheet one copy. He asked go to the adjacent room  You can see there one staff and 2-3 xerox machine.  I asked him for Xerox. he made a copy of my mark sheet . Now its time of Payment.

Cost of One copy of Mark-sheet is INR 0.50/- means 50 paisa. I passed a 50 paisa coin and try to move myself to submit the markseet copy in office. Xerox room Staff shouted on me and said take this Invoice. I exclaimed. He start writing on an a a printed slip.

Description : One Copy Xerox , Cost Price : 0.50 , Unit : 1, TOtal : 0,50. Then he seal and signed. It take 1 minute approx. I usually visit Chandni Chowk, kolkata to buy Computer. I buy all hardware to assemble a compute. Bill generation take only 40-50 second. And here staff salary is INR 6000 t0 7000. What does this mean ?

We are loosing time, Money and again loosing time(I am writing here, you may share, You may discuss).

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