Who Should be Friend in FaceBook ?

Lot of Time my Students, Colleague and younger ask me This question :

Who Should be Friend in FaceBook ?

Before answering this question we should understand about the basic use of Face Book. FaceBook is a Social Media where u can share you view , image to public or Friend. There are a lot of other features also. But here we are not discussing about the feature. This is about the “Who Should be Friend in FaceBook ?”.

According to FaceBook you should accept Friend request of those whom you know. Now consider I get a Friend Request of my Neighbor Whom I never talk but see frequently(I know he is not a good guy, but never want to show him that I think like this about him.). Should I accept it ?

Never! Now a few of you may think that I am Arrogant. Before you think like this about me please see my logic. As I know already that he is not Good guy why should I add him. He may see my Shared Time Line. So I never accept him.

Teenager please read following line carefully.

Never accept Friend Request of unknown or Semi Unknown People. Sometime you accept the Friend request of Rahul and the logic you present to yourself is He is Ritu’s Friend. What is the logic ? He is Ritu’s Friend that Good. But why you are accepting. You are not on facebook to expand you Friend Domain. You are on facebook to share your view and image to your Freind in simple way.

You know due to this Facebook Friend Request many crime occur. So be care full. Only Add those people to your Friend who are your Friends in Real Life or Your Relative. Don’t add unknown or known of others.

Now Some Intersting Question related to this.

Q:  Should I add my Driver/Maid to my Facebook Friend ?

A: If you can introduce him as your Friend in Public Party Then add Him as Facebook Friend else not. Facebook is same like real world. Don’t make another image in Facebook . You should present yourself same in Real world and Facebook world.

Q: I accept  Freind Request of Unknown (only) Girls just for time pass. Is this wrong or right?

A: 100 % Right. If you are like this in Real Life. If not then you have did a wrong Job. Do not create another world for facebook. Facebook is a Media not a world.

Dear freind please comment if you like this post. Also comment your view.

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