water-transport in Kolkata and Ganga Riverside Pullution


Kolkata ( Calcutta) is great place for living. I like kolkata too much due to following reason1.

  1. Maa Ganga is There.
  2. You can survive in kolkata by earning INR 4k per month.
  3. Good Culture but ending slowly-slowly.
  4. Top in Public Transport in India ( andha me kana raja)

many more reason……….

I am writing this post to post  picture which I shot few day ago at Fairlie Ghat and Howrah Ghat. At present ticket price of Fairlie Ghat to  Howrah Ghat via water transport is Rs. 5/-

Buy Ticket from ticket counter.At the entrance a person will collect the ticket and tear it and throw anywhere never in dustbin.See this picture


After that just swipe that to riverside.They never think about recycle. I know they can’t think about it. But why you pollute Maa Ganga. See these photos

close_look_ticket_thrown _in_ganga ganga_pollution_by_ticket tickets_thrown_in_ganga_river

To solve this we only need Rs.100 . Buy a dustbin and throw all ticket within that. There are many kanchrawala who buy tear ticket. In Cinema Hall all used ticket are sold to kanchrawala.


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