Story of 2 Engineer

Few people used to call me Engineer. Don’t know why ?

I studied Accounts, Economics and Mathematics in Class 12 , Economics Hons in Graduation. And I did my MCA from Calcutta University. Also cleared GATE Exam and admitted in M.Tech … But college reject me don’t know why?

Today I am unemployed( if you think like Congress ). But I think I have lot of work to do. I am CEO of MFT Info Services Pvt Ltd. I am working as software developer at my company. I am not telling that I am great man. I don’t earn too much. But I have dream to do so. Few peoples work in my company.

And there are few other engineer who opt for Science in Class 12 ( Know why because they want to be a good Engineer) , then do B.Sc and Then MCA. After these all they Join Bank as Cleark or similer Job . Why not IT officer or some field related job or job of similer standard. I wan to know why.

I am asking this question to all ?

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