Siti Cable Internet Leased Line Review

SITI Cable Network Limited  provide Internet Leased service. There  rate in less in comparison to Airtel, TATA, Reliance etc. But  there service is worst. They provide very cheap service I have paid them 36 K for 10 Mbps Internet leased in Howrah. This INR 36,000/- include monthly chanrge of internet leased line 25,000/- and 11,000/- setup. I asked them few things about service over email before paying them. They answer yes. Once I made payment and cheque get cleared. after 2 month I get internet connection. I have paid them extra setup for 2 fiber but they never activate my 2nd fiber. I downgrade myself to 2 Mbps due to there cheap service. After 4-5 day there port blocked. My server stop working.

Then I called many time to siti cable support guy. They don’t understand English. If you talk with siti cable lease line support guy in English then they treat it as abusing. My Internet Lease Line down for 2-3 day. Then It up for one day. then I ask them to update RDNS but they can’t (I think they don’t know how to do). Then I ask them to release my IP. Meanwhile there line get down again. Leased is still down(last 2 month). After one week I ask them release BGP. Over phone I explain them then atlast They release my IP and Then I take connection from Other ISP and Now I am happy.

Siti cable is Chor ( Thief).  I have filed case against them in Consumer Forum. If you are planning to get Internet leased connection from Siti cable then change it. Else you loose you money and time.

In aggregate they take your money and go away. Siti Cable is like Chor.

Some more info about Siti Cable. If you dare too much then they may threat you using illegal activist means local Dabang. Be care full from Siti cable.

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3 Replies to “Siti Cable Internet Leased Line Review”

  1. Abhishek Sarkar says:

    I have taken 2mbps line the service is really poor the first month the service was good but after some time they show there true colour now every hour i have to call them that my internet is not working but they still don’t show any response to it the worst internet connection i have ever seen

  2. rapiddatastore says:

    Leased line is must for any internet dependent business as it comes with service level agreement and guarantee. Came across this platform which offers competitive quotes with best internet service providers in India.
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  3. Sunil says:

    Thanks for sharing this post.

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