Review of Alliance Broadband

Alliance Broadband is a Broadband Service provider in Kolkata. Alliance  internet Service is good for Secondary purpose but not for primary.

I mean if your important work depend on internet then never depend on only  internet connection of Alliance Broadband. I am using this for last 2-3 year. Alliance broadband work good. But some time it get down mostly in rainy Season.

For torrent download guy Alliance broadband is Good One. You get more than 1 mb download per second by spending only Rs.450 per month.

You also need some precaution before using alliance broadband with your computer directly. Do not share any drive/folder/file to public network. Else every alliance broadband user can see your drive/folder/file . If you are using via router then there is no issue.

In aggregate as per other other ISP it is less costly and acceptable. You can take it.


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