Real Face of Media?

Friends I am not a Page 3 Guy or A Big politician or A News Trader. I am just a general people like you. But there is I fall in this category.

Do not accept Invalid System…Change it.

So my life is little difficult in comparison to those who think “What I can do ? Whole system is corrupted.”

You know why every where corruption exits. The reason is Media has forget there role in democracy. Every News Reporter / Journalist know that they have a lot of power in there hand before joining the profession. Once they Join Then they come to know about that they should work like actor or actress. They report for TRP / Newspaper circulation. They never print or show anything for truth. You know we are also responsible for this If some one show real news in original form. You don’t find it interesting and you will change the channel or flip to another page.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram

3 year ago In my locality one guy died due to short circuit in a building. I informed few reporter about this. They came to place with all equipment and start covering the area. They shutout few picture and interview guardian and neighbor of the guy who died. Now the reality before interview they teach them what u need to say.

I don’t think this is true. You are not making film here. But everything is correct if you get good TRP.

I request to all media person please awake and start working as 4th Pillar of democracy.

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