Rahul Gandhi on Aaj Tak – Analysis


The analysis of Rahul Gandhi interview on AajTak is 100% my view. If you don’t like this close the tab / window.

Rahul Gandhi Says “Poor people Vote for Congress”

Chandan Singh Comment : So Congress never help poor to become Rich. Else Congress loose its Voter.

Rahul Gandhi Says “We construct 3 time road.”

Chandan Singh Comment :  But nothing new. I can’t find any new road in Google Map. And You know already that who is more active Google team or Congress Team.

Rahul Gandhi Says “We escape 15 crore people from poverty line.”

Chandan Singh Comment : Rahul ji don’t forget they(Poor) get rid from poverty  due to Natural Death, Suicide , Accidents etc. Do you want to say Congress is behind this ?

Rahul Gandhi Says ” Public should participate in selection of Candidate for election”

Chandan Singh Comment : Rahul ji you are still innocent. Don’t take decision like this you have to leave India. If u ask from Indian.

Rahul Gandhi Says ” We need to change the Political Party”.

Chandan Singh Comment : Yes Public will decide and vote for change.

Rahul Gandhi Says ” We have too prompt thinking.”.

Chandan Singh Comment : So u come in front of Media(In Studio) once in Ten Year.

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