Passport Seva Kendra is Online

Passport Seva Kendra is Online now. If you ask for any one where i get passport application form. Then you get answer “No offline form is accepted now …only online form is accepted”.

Ok I agree with this. This is true also. That now you have to apply online for password. Now I am going to explain old and new process of passport in India

  1. Apply online at Here you can upload yourdocument scan copy optional (new) . Fill a form and attach attested copy of all document and your photograph (old).
  2. Go to the passport office(Western Looking office) . Here you all document are verified with original and they shot your photo there and also take your finger print etc (new). They call u for verification with original and do same but in a old building.    IF EVERYTHING IS FINE THEN
  3. Police verification both same.
  4. Dispatch passport to your address.

What happen if everything is not fine. You need to come to the RPO office. What type of problem you may face. It may be like this

  • your data is similar to anyone.
  • Any fault in police verification.
  • Passport dept. lost your file.
  • Spelling Mistake
  • etc.

Now see how can you solve this? .

There working hour is 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Suppose you reach the office at 11:00 AM. You are asked to visit the office for submitting a letter. You stand in line after 500 people (average sometime more than 1000). Say you reach the counter at 3:00 PM and show your letter with your file number. The passport office guy reply like that

“please submit this letter between 10am to 2 pm”

Next day you go there at 8:00 AM. You reach counter at 1:50 PM suddenly Passposrt office guy mobile vibrate and ring . He receive the mobile call . On phone someone ask about his/her password. Meanwhile he shut his window and utter “Its Tiffin Time.” You may feel like some one take your water when u r very thirsty. But no matter for then. You may think “May be he recive my letter today as he seen me already”.

At 2:45 or 3:00 PM window will again opened. And you are again asked to come between

“please submit this letter between 10am to 2 pm”

Now I want to know what type of automation is this. E- Governance only does not mean online form fill up.

My Suggestion :

Why not at every RPO number of support ticket is limited. Why people stand in line and return back without result. This is completely wastage of time. Aam Admi(Common Man) don’t have power to protest govt. staff. Govt. Staff behavior is same like a MonoPoly seller of Food.

Want to hear from you all. I add more detail in this after more research. please let me know any thing if you feel that should be added here.

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