Passport Damaged or Lost

Passport Damaged or Lost  !

Don’t worry there is way to way to get new one. Yes new one. In India you will not get new passport with your old passport number.

If your passport is damaged / teared then follow following step

  • Arrange all document required t apply for Passport
  • Note Your Passport Number
  • And apply at Passport Seva Kendra and login with your user and pass and if you have don’t have account register an account passport_application_reissue
  • Follow the form and fill it.
  • Charge for reissue of passport is higher than normal. It cost your Rs. 3500/- Whereas new passport charge is Rs. 2000/-  only. passport_reissue_charge


And If you lost your passport then just add this as 1st step..

  • Report to Police station immediately.

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