How to Open Mobile banking website on Computer using Chrome

How to Open Mobile banking website on Computer using Chrome ?

When you want to access your mobile banking website on computer using browser like Chrome , Mozilla , Internet explorer you get error like these

karnataka_bank_mobile banking_error_message_on_coputer You get error message like thes in almost every bank mobile banking page when opened on computer. This is basically for your safetly. The left image is error message

Below is error message of united bank of India Mobile banking.


you can’t open HDFC mobile banking page on computer also. Now I am showing you how can you open mobile banking Website on Computer using chrome.


  1. Open a New Tab and open the url of mobile banking
  2. You get a error message.
  3. Now right click in empty area of page and Click on “inspect Element”.inspect Element
  4. Then you can see a screen like this. inspect Element_screenClick on this image and see on left top Corner you can see Devicedevice_inspect_element
  5. Now Change the Device to Nokia N9 / Nokia Lumia and Refresh. The Page will open.karnataka_bank_mobile banking_opened

The procedure is same for every Mobile banking Website. If you face any issue please comment. I will answer you.

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