Meeting with a Software Engineer who don’t know about coding

Few day ago one of My friend call me. He start conversation in formal way “How are you?”. Similarly I answer in formal way. In meanwhile he asked me “is there any opening in your company ?”. I said truly yes.

Same day in evening I get a mail from one guy. Academic qualification of guy is very high. He is master in Technology (IT). I replied to the email “Please come at our office with your all original document and a few photograph.”

Now See… What happen when they guy came at my office.

We (me and 2 other senior engineer of my company) welcome the guy. We start with simple talking. Later on we come to the real topic and what you know.

He replied “C, C++, Java, Basic, Linux, HTML, JSP, ……….” Almost every programming and markup language whatever I heard.

We again ask “in which platform you like to work ?”.

He say…. Sir… I need some training…I know…but forget… C++ I read in sem 1…….Java read in sem 2.

One of our company senior staff laugh and say “ya we must provide you help in beginning”. But guy denied sir I am good with theory and I never write code and don’t have interest in code.

Then I enter into communication and suggest him to join Prof. Job in any College or University like CU. Where he can save his life and ruin students life.

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