Jindagi Jine ka Nam Hai

Today a Senior meet me after 2 year and say Chandan you are still living in same way. I say yes Sir. Have some responsibility and can’t go back.

He say what responsibility “Tu Bol, Hum bhi sune” ( Say I want to know) .  You still work all time on laptop and talk on Gyan( knowledge).

I respect my senior a lot because they give me lot of thing. Most important is inspiration to do what I want. Instead Today I can’t stop myself and I ask him “Dada (Brother) tell me how to live a Life”.

I added ” We should live like as most of you see in movie and live like that. Drink Wine , Smoke Cigarette , Time Pass on useless talk like

Talk on body of Salman for 1 hour, Give name to anyone and tease. No Dada ( brother) I can’t . This way I can’t live. You all drunk and come out on road and say Taklu ( bald) to a guy and  then fight with that guy. Puncher someone Bike or Car and enjoying over it. Brother this is life for you but not for me.

Offer wine and force him to drunk on the name of friendship . You (Reader) know  after college and everthing over they say those day are very Good. But I can’t find Goodness. I am not saying all guy are like that but most of are like that.

And you know all the movie of pass 1- 1.5 decade showing wine drinking as water drinking, Showing masti lke this (explained in this post) as definition of life.

My dear reader these movie maker are making movie for money not for Good Message. They show the simple thing like shortcut. With this shortcut  you can laugh for few hour or day. That is not real Khushi ( Happiness) .

Do find your khushi( happiness) in a moment. I may have some worse effect. You know due to wine consumption in Hindustan ( The India) We are loosing our culture. And this is natural if you loose your culture you loose your existence.  You if some one speak like English and start behaving like English they become known as smart but that is symptom of Copying. Please follow Indian culture .

  • Stop Drinking Wine.
  • Stop Smoking.
  • Be an True Man.
  • Be a Vegetarian. ( Feel the Pain of Animals)

Ask from your heart is this above four points are wrong. If you heart say yes then close the tab and if If you feel these are great line then follow it.

Thanks for reading.

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