Four Pillars of Democracy

We live in a Democratic Country. So we should must know what are the four pillars of Democracy and importance of each one. Following are the four pillars of democracy

  1. Government ( Executive) is first Pillar of Democracy.
  2. Legislature (Parliament(RajyaSabha and LokSabha) & State Assemblies(Vidhan Sabha), etc) is second piller of Democracy.
  3. Judiciary (Supreme Court, High Court and  all Other Judicial centres) is the third piller of Democracy.
  4. Media (Newspaper,TV News Channel, Internet, Online News Portal,  Blogs & whatever which expresses people’s aspirations and view) is fourth and strongest Pillar of democracy.

You know if you create a Facebook Page or web blog and start writing about any issue of your nation.This is included in Media.

Dear friend all pillar have equal power and if any pillar become weak then it means Our Democracy is in Danger. 

You know why lot of scam happen in Our Country?

This is not because of Government only. Media is equally responsible. We are in the age of fastest communication. We have power of internet in our palm then what for we are waiting. We should make media more power full.

And one more line…

“If any organization create monopoly in field of Media then you loose your democracy. Media should be decentralized.”

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4 Replies to “Four Pillars of Democracy”

  1. tapan sen gupta says:

    it is very helpful for me. earlier i did not know the other three pillers of indian democracy. ionly knew the 4th piller of democracy. the ist piller the government the 2nd piller parlament rsjyasabha assembly 3rd piller judiciary. It is very excellent learning for me

  2. Vikas Dwivedi says:

    Mr Blogger you have explained in very short and very excellent manner . So Thank you..

  3. Sridhar iriventi says:

    If all four are weakening by day or debauchery is accepted norm in all four pillars……will that country still be called Democratic just because people vote their Representatives to power as most of the time they don’t have better choice or better choices are eliminated with money and muscle during the election filing it self !

  4. Manish Kumar pathak says:

    I have understood that all pillars have equal power. If one will becoming weak that means only it that our Democracy is in danger..
    So we will have to support the fourth pillor to be strong. Why I’m saying 4th pillar bcz the rest three are not in our hands…
    The question is how we to make strong democracy..
    Answer is very plan and simple there no one is who don’t use social network at Work at all
    If we starts to write of any issue in India that comes media and of course it will be 4th pillar of democracy..

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