Feeling after paying Company Income Tax

Hi Reader,

By luck and little work I started a company name MFT Info Services Private Limited on 4th day of July 2013. On 30th sept 2014 we paid the Income Tax for our company first time. When I was paying it I was trying to force myself o feel proudly. And I succeed to do so. After all when I come out of my office and see Road condition, Traffic Police, few Govt. Staff . I decided to request for refund of the Tax I paid. But I couldn’t.

My Chartered tell me that we live under this Government and we have to pay tax. My logic If I pay I need result. I start my business with “0” as capital in year we have did a good work. If government can’t perform. Close the system. Which is not possible. Basically we are running into the system because there is no option. But there is option. But we all have to work hard but we are not ready.

In aggregate I feel very bad after paying Tax . I get only one benefit If I apply for a Loan in Bank I can show the Income proof. Nothing else.

But I don’t need Loan. I want to see Ram Rajya in my ¬†country.


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