Dhandha: How Gujaratis Do Business

Dhandha: How Gujaratis Do Business By Shobha Bondre


Dhandha, meaning business, is a term often used in common trade parlance in India. But there is no other community that fully embodies what the term stands for than the Guajarati’s. Shobha Bondre’s Dhandha is the story of a few such Guajarati’s: Jaydev Patel the New York Life Insurance agent credited with having sold policies worth $2.5 billion so far, Bhimjibhai Patel one of the country’s biggest diamond merchants and co-founder of the ambitious ‘Diamond Nagar’ in Surat, Dalpatbhai Patel the motelier who went on to become the mayor of Mansfield County, Mohanbhai Patel a former Sheriff of Mumbai and the leading manufacturer of aluminium collapsible tubes and Hersha and Hasu Shah owners of over a hundred hotels in the US. Travelling across continents from Mumbai to the United States in search of their story and the common values that bond them, Dhandha showcases the powerful ambition, incredible capacity for hard work and the inherent business sense of the Guajarati’s.

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