Dewar’s Garage – Review


Dewar’s Garage – Review

I have bought My Swift Dzire VDI Car from Dewar’s Garage in Sept 2014. But get delivery in Nov. Dewar’s Garage Management is very poor. Dewar’s Garage management don’t train sales staff  about the documentation and other legal procedure. One of Staff take my Rs.500 and leave the job. I think that was my mistake.

I have made some extra payment of Rs.11000/- . I get the refund from Dewar’s Garage after 7-8 month. I have given them all required document but they can’t deliver my car before 2 month. I have paid my one EMI without owning Car at my Home.

Now Come to insurance Dewar’s Garage  have sold me ICICI Lombard  insurance with zero depreciation. Later on I come to know that zero depreciation valid for 3 claim only. Dewar Garage Staff are always in huge pressure to make sell. For making sale they can speak nay type lie.

Now come to Dewar’s Garage service . Service Center is not upto standard. They charge very high price for Mobil in comparison to Market price. There Home service is just a joke.

I have one more experience. I was entering into Dewar’s Garage with my car as per appointment. As there was no space they ask me to wait on half on road and half in there space. I was there. A Kolkata Police Sergent and made a challan. And I have paid that. Dewar’s Garage Authority can’t do anything.

This is the my review for Dewar’s garage . Dewar’s Garage review is very bad because there service is not good. If you are Maruti User then use Bhandari Auto.

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