Configure of Router with Alliance Broadband

Configure of Router with Alliance Broadband.

The steps to configure Router with Alliance or SitiCable or Manthan or any Cable Operator Internet is Very simple. 1st of all I want to tell you what you get from you cable operator Internet provider.

They Give you following information


And you also get a user id and password for accessing internet. Most important they give you a cat5/cat6 cable with Rj45 connector look like this.


And you should required a wireless Router( I used here Dlink DIR 600L). Now follow these steps to make your room wifi enable with Alliance or Siticable internet.

Step 1: Connect your Wi Fi Router with power . once you switch all light blink.

Step 2: Connect Internet Cable to your Router in Yellow RJ45 Female connecter (Check the text near connector . Internet is written there).

Step 3: Connect a parallel Cable between your computer/laptop and router.

Step 4: Now open a browser in your computer/laptop and type “” in url.

Step 5: It ask for user and password.

Default user and Password of Dlink router is  “admin”.

Step 6: Go to Manual Setup.

Step 7: Now check internet connection type and if it is static ip then ok else change it to static ip.


You have all these detail fill those detail carefully.

Step 8: Now open any website on your computer you rediredet to login page of your cable internet. Now log in with your user id and password.

Now you can open Internet on any computer with your wifi on any device.

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40 Replies to “Configure of Router with Alliance Broadband”

  1. Prince says:


  2. Pinaki Paul says:

    I am looking for a wireless-router that can also store username and password ( other than static IP , DNS & Gateway ) and do the login process for Alliiance/citicable/Manthan etc connections by itself , so that once my router is switched on , internet shall also be on . I don’t want to do login from web browser everytime to turn Internet on . Can you tell me please which wireless routers are able to do this ?

  3. Pratik says:

    Thanx for the information. I have a question. After login ; if I shutdown my pc and run only my wifi router non stop(1 to 2 days) ; Will i be able to use internet, when ever i want from any device ipad/mobile without entering user id/password again till i switch off my router. I am planning to shift from BSNL to alliance and using Netgear WNR612 router.

    1. Chandan says:

      Yes you can access internet with ur ipad /android device via your router wifi after shutting down your commputer. Alliance service is not reliable. You can shift to alliance but always keep a backup. There are lot of issue in alliance in rainy season.

      1. Pratik says:

        So if; I login from my desktop and start browsing at 10 o’clock and shut down desktop at 10:30; keeping router on. Then it’s possible for me to start using ipad 3 hours later without entering user id/pwd again. Entering user id and pwd once in a day is ok. But I don’t want to enter user id/pwd before each session; specially from mobile or ipad.

        1. Chandan says:

          Session may expire sometime. If u logged out u just have to put ur alliance detail once. You need not to call Alliance to allow that mac. Becoz at that time alliance read mac of router not device.

  4. Pinaki Paul says:

    I have enquired with Alliance and Meghbela here . It is mandatory to login into your account with webpage and keep that page open all the time during internet usage . NO wi-fi or other router is able to negotiate their login . Login webpage closed = internet disconnected .
    Dlink DIR 600L has no login method for these type of ISPs . Only supported login systems in this router are PPPOE , PPTP , Static-IP , DHCP and L2TP . Alliance uses none of these systems for login .

    1. Chandan says:

      Use Static IP Meathod to configure alliance broadband. Once u logged in using web login page. Then u can close that page.

  5. saptaswa says:

    I have got a Linksys E900 router cannot connect it to Alliance Broadband
    could you please help

    1. What type of problem u r facing with Linksys E900 ?

  6. Partha says:

    I have Dlink d2730u wifi Router, how to configure this with Alliance, since Alliance Lan Clip is bigger than that of the space available on the said router, so it’s not inserting. Is there any option to use additional port box or something like so that I don’t have to buy another router

  7. Partha says:

    I have Dlink d2730u wifi Router, how to configure this with Alliance, since Alliance Lan Clip is bigger than that of the space available on the said router, so it’s not inserting. Is there any option to use additional port box or something like so that I don’t have to buy another router.plz help

    1. Dlink d2730u is a ADSL router. Alliace give u rj45. So u need a wifi router with rj45 port not rj15.

  8. Debdeep says:

    Dear friends… Let me explain a few things…
    If you are using Alliance or Siti Broadband.. You have to log in with the web based login page…

    ID and pass once entered and logged in, you can use interent till the time the page till it expires(timeout) or till you close the page.

    If you are using wireless::
    One way to cheat the technique is by simply shutting down your computer without closing the browser..but that will keep the login enabled till a certain time(maybe an hour) but again your internet will start asking id and pass in your other wireless or wired devices…

    I have tried my best to configure the PPOE settings for the router for Siti Broadband(which I a using) but there is no such option.. the customer care informed they are not aware of PPOE is 😀 (some bunch of fools sitting in customer care)….

    The Customer care informed that there is a AUTOLOGIN procedure available for 512 kbps package and above where you dont need to login, as the login is done from the Server end… but its not available in some areas(thanks to TRAI- another bunch of no work to do guys)

    Its pathetic to be a user of 24online service(alliance, siti)… I ma simply hating them now….

  9. Mano says:


    I am using alliance cable broadband. Recently I purchased D-link N150 wifi router. While configuring, is not opening. I rest the router couple of time but no luck. Any one can help pls..


    1. Godfather says:

      try typing

  10. Godfather says:

    Please Help!
    When i turn my router off it logs out of the isp and closes the internet connection(Alliance,Kolkata)
    Again turning it On requires it again to be logged in is there anyhow i can resolve it So that when i turn on my router it is directly logged in with the isp?

  11. Rajeev says:

    Thanks Chandan for your write-up.

    I followed same steps on DIR-600L but not able to connect to internet.I am using siti cable.
    When I check status on device mgmt section of router for static ip status, it flips between connected/disconnected. Not able to ping default gateway also from router. I have double checked the ISP settings and they are correctly fed on router.

    Any clue what could be the issue ?


  12. Dinesh says:

    Hi Chandan,

    I have recently purchased Tenda N3 Router for home use purpose and I am facing problem in configuring it. At home I have Alliance broadband connection configured with Static IP given by ISP. I configured the router with Static IP Setting and in WAN Port status I am getting connected status but still I am not able to access internet through router. When I am trying to ping gateway server using my laptop I am getting the message that “destination server is not reachable” though I am able to ping the static IP configured on WAN port. Can you please provide solution for this problem.

    I had made following setting on router:-

    Static IP Details as given by Alliance Broadband:-

    Static IP – 172.19.163.XXX
    Subnet Mask –
    Gateway – 172.19.163.yyy
    DNS Server – 172.19.163.yyy

    IP Setting of router LAN port:-
    IP – [Default IP]
    Subnet Mask –

    WAN Speed – 10 Mbps full Duplex
    MTU – 1500

    Do I need to change IP address of LAN Port?

    1. update the alliance broadband detail correctly in static ip configration.. what do u mean by

      Do I need to change IP address of LAN Port?

  13. Abhijeet mandal says:

    Hi I have Alliance internet connection with a cat5 cable (RJ45) and I have unbind the mac address as I want to use the same connection in my Laptop & Smartphone via Wifi router.

    So, my question is which type of login system do I need to establish static or PPPoE…?
    Wait for your reply


    Please Help!
    When i turn my router off it logs out of the isp and closes the internet connection(Alliance,Kolkata)
    Again turning it On requires it again to be logged in is there anyhow i can resolve it So that when i turn on my router it is directly logged in with the isp?

  15. deepak says:

    Hi Chandan,
    Currently I bought D-link,DIR-600M and configured properly.Everything was going fine but all of a sudden now I am not able to access the internet. I am able to access once I am direct connecting wire to my laptop.I reset router couple of times but no luck. After resetting for few seconds I am able to access but after that same story..Please help.

    1. Which internet u r using at the moment ?

      1. Deepak says:

        Alliance net

  16. Akash says:

    I cannot port forward. I have a tenda n3 router, I have configured port forwarding in my router but when I use a port checker tool to see if my port is open, I get an error saying that the port is not open. Please help.

  17. sohini says:

    Hi chandan,i have configured my dlink n 300 router but when im trying to connect it via alliance page,it is showing mac mismatch

  18. Rejhaul says:

    thannk ?????????????

  19. Gaurav Kumar says:

    can i use alliance brodband on DIGISOL ROUTER MODEL- DG-BG4100NU N150 Wireless ADSL 2/2+ Broadband Router

  20. Pradip Kumar Mitra says:

    I have a D-Link Model DIR-615 Router with Alliance Broadband connection for last one and half months. Previously I had BSNL Broadband connection. While on BSNL Broadband the Desktop PC, laptop, were auto-logged in with internet connection. The Tablets and and Mobile handsets also used to be auto-logged in through wifi after the password had been entered for the first time. Thereafter, password was never required to be entered.

    I have two questions :

    1) With Alliance Broadband, each time the Desktop is booted there has to be manual log-in. Similarly, for wifi connection manual log-in has to be done for the first device, thereafter all other devices would be auto logged-in through wifi.

    How I can have the same facility of auto log-in for Alliance Broadband just like BSNL Broadband?

    2) For last 8 days, my Mobile phone is not showing any wifi connection icon and when I tried to establish wifi connection through settings option, it asks for password with frosted default (unchanged). As I enter the original or the changed password, it shows authentication error. My cell phone gets connected to wifi perfectly well to JioFi Hotspot, which means that wifi facility of the phone has not out of function.

    Please inform me a solution.

    1. BSNL gives PPPoe connection… And in case of Alliance there is login page (i.e. Hotspot ). You can talk with your operator and ask for Auto Login option…

      Check the wifi password of your router.

  21. Diganto Datta says:

    I am using DLink DIR-615 router.. previously i was using Netgear jwnr2010 and was able to configure it properly with all the info like static ip,gateway etc. However with the Dlink router whenever i am choosing static-ip and input my details it says wan ip must be on these networks, and so on.. what to do cant setup the router please help

  22. Vicky Sarkar says:

    I m using flipkart wireless n router. I have connected all the ports but the ip is not working.

  23. SOUMEN PODDER says:

    I am using Alliance Broadband through Linksys WRT 1900AC Router flashed with DD-WRT. Now I am trying to set up my router with HMA VPN. Tried the procedure given in HMA Support website…but could not succeed. Kindly help

  24. Anupam says:

    Hi Chandan,
    I have taken a Alliance broadband connection (would prefer other company like Airtel but they dont have service in my area, alliance have asked me to get a router to use multiple devises, Auto login is already done since my CCTV will be using this connection along with other devises and I don’t want to login every time on multiple devises. (single machine with auto login is already working now and I have all the IP details from them)

    My questions:
    1. Can I use D-Link N 150 or 300 router, if not please suggest other options.
    2. Can I disable wifi connection (its a factory premises and only LAN connections are needed, for security reasons I do not want wifi)
    3. I want to use 3-4 PC, CCTV, Attendence machine and laptop (lan connection) etc with this internet connection, can all this be used using alliance broadband.

    Awaiting your helpful reply.

    1. For proper service you should use ILL . It is quite expensive but suitable for Dedicated use. Use ILL for Price you cana contact MFT Internet

  25. AK says:

    After all set up is complete when I tried to login I saw the message *this PC is not authorised to login* please help. 🙁

    1. Abhijeet Mandal says:

      You have send an email, containing your id with registered phone number for unbarred the connection or you can directly contact your ISP. Your problem will be resolved.

  26. Abhijeet Mandal says:
    Send the email in this email address.

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