Call Divert /Call Forward/ Call Transfer BSNL Landline


How to divert or Transfer or Forward all calls of a BSNL Landline to a Mobile Number ?

To transfer or divert all call of BSNL Landline follow the following steps

  • Dial 114 followed by the number where you want to divert or transfer or forward your all calls. E.g you want to divert or transfer or forward your all calls to 98811112222 then you should dial 114 988111222 . Once you call you can hear a thank you message.
  • And then disconnect the call.
  • Try from any number and start roaming.

To cancel the transfer or forward or divert just Dial 115 and wait for thank you message.

Note: BSNL Call Divert is chargeable service.


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9 Replies to “Call Divert /Call Forward/ Call Transfer BSNL Landline”

  1. Srikant says:

    Thanks for the article

  2. Dhawal says:

    BSNL doesn’t allow subscribers to transfer calls to there any network mobile
    It’s only forwarded on BSNL mobile network

  3. makalimalleshwaramar says:

    How to divert only when not answered?


    Dear Sir How Chargr For Call Divert

  5. Vishal Sharma says:

    I tried transferring on Airtel, Jio and Vodafone. However, not getting through on any except BSNL Mobile Number.

  6. Pramod says:

    Call transfer doesn’t work at Champawat.Help is welcome.

  7. John says:

    Charges for bsnl call transfer/call divert

    1. As per your BSNL existing plan.

    2. As per your BSNL plan.

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