BJP Election Manifesto 2014

BJP Election Manifesto 2014

Download link of BJP Election Manifesto 2014  Hindi  , English

All news Channel are asking BJP “on what background you ask for vote Ram Mandir or Vikash”.

I think Media is wasting the time of Common Man of India. They don’t have question. Media is telling that How BJP build Ram Mandir according to Indian Constitution. I am asking Media what they want to see in Manifesto of BJP (2014) …. BJP build Ram Mandir by violating rule of Indian Constitution. It may happen in practical but not on paper.

don’t read summary of BJP Manifesto. Please read in full. So you can understand everything. I am not supporter of BJP. But I am an Indian and it is my duty to tell you all how to read manifesto. TV channel time is very Costly so they never tell u in detail. Newspaper space is very costly so they can’t print in full. So read carefully by downlaoding.

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