How to achieve a Target ?

I have studied Achievement of many Kings in History Book. How to achieve that is never explain in that book. You know why because it is not possible to explain that  and also the achiever never reveal the secret of that.  So How can we know how to achieve a Target ?

I read status like this on FaceBook (A Social Website )

“Feeling Lonely….”  !  What is this? This is disappointment or something else. No one can answer this. Because people has started  thinking  with mind in the matter of Heart. And we all know if we mess up 2-3 thing together its hybrid. It looks good but not as fruitful as real and natural one.

Now our background is ready. Let me explain now how to achieve your Target.

For a Hungry Lion – A Goat is Target.

For a Student – Knowledge is Target.

For a Traveler – Destination is Target.

For a Devotee  –  The Lakkshya of Devotees .

For a Real Army – Destruction of Country’s Enemy is Target.

So, Target is different for different people at different time. To achieve a ultimate Target there are a lot of in between Target.  To be a True Man you have to speak 100 lies.

Consider a example of a Traveler Say He is travelling from A to Z. There are many location between A and Z.

Now I am asking you what is the Target of Traveler when he is at A.

The Answer is :- Local Target: B and Global Traget: Z.

Means at any point of time there is two type of Target. One is Local Target and another is Global Target. If we achive all Local Target it means we will must reach at Final Destination (Target) . Never My Dear Never .

Say My ultimate Goal is to be a Real Good Man. Fo that I have to study well also. To learn something I must have to approach some Good Teacher.  In this era you have to take admission is School college etc. I did same. When I take admission in MCA at Calcutta University. I see many guys who want to be Good Man (not like me better than Me). This(The Course) is one of the Local Target of our Ultimate Goal.

See what happen there … A guy drunk and found his Live body in Potty Room. Then after he become the Great Chullukhor ( Wine Addicted) . He ruin his Life + His Guardian Life. So the guy destroyed his Local Target and his Global Target. So we should careful all the time. In any moment you can loose everything.

I will add here some more line later….

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